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Alternatives to Iris Accountancy Suite?

I'm exploring the possibility of moving away from Iris, and would like recommendations

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I've been using Iris for many years in different practices. My current practice has circa 250 ltd co clients and 500 tax return clients. I'm considering moving away from Iris, and would like to hear from people who have done this recently. It's not predominantly cost drive, although cost is important, but I'm exploring all in one systems that preferably integrates with Xero for timesheet/billing and containing an inbuilt CRM would be ideal.

Does anyone have any experience an accountancy suite (accounts production, personal tax and business tax) that has these additional units?

Many thanks


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22nd Jan 2019 15:07


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to GR
22nd Jan 2019 17:26

Great for the ‘work’ elements, but doesn’t do timesheets, billings, PM etc

Apparently it will, but dunno when or how good ...

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By marks
22nd Jan 2019 21:20

You wont find one solution that meets your needs and will probably need 2 or 3 best of breed options to do what you need.

We used to use IRIS and used; AP, BT, PT, AM, FAR, PM and T&Fs.

We had about 120 limited companies and 200 personal tax returns and moved from IRIS last June having been with them 3 years (had previously used IRIS for most of my 15 years as employee in practice before then).

We now use Taxcalc which takes care of; AP, BT, PT and AM.

FAR we now just do on excel

Use Glide for PM and T&F.

There are lots of different options out there

For accounts and tax - taxcalc, BTC, Absolute, Capium and TaxFiler are all mid to lower end packages. Top end packages are; SAGE, Digita and IRIS but because they are more expensive doesnt necessary mean they are better

For PM there is; Accountancy Manager, Senta, Karbon, Glide. Trial them and see what you like best and you can understand how it works. They are do slightly different things

For T&F then some of the above have them covered for instance Glide has timesheet facility and think Accountancy Manager does. But you can use a standalone option such as T Sheets which links to Xero.

More and more people seem to be moving away from IRIS and choosing best of breed options as the integration that IRIS has with it accountancy suiteit is difficult to justify the 2 - 4 times price of the others sometimes. Also the interface of IRIS is looking rather dated having not really changed much in the last 10 years.

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