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Alternatives to Receipt Bank

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I've been making efforts to move as many of my clients into cloud based accounting software over recent months. The next step is to encourage clients to become as paperless as possible (as plenty are always moaning about the amount of paperwork they have to hold on to!).

I've looked at Receipt Bank but it does seem expensive, especially for smaller businesses. I know there is an element of 'you get what you pay for', but do people have alternatives to receipt bank that would be more cost effective. I'm happy to learn of any multi company packages also where I would need to pay for the software and can work out how to re-charge the service to clients (if any options exist).

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated for me to look into.


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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
11th Aug 2017 20:12

AutoEntry is much better product, better priced and also more accurate I find. Plus it also does sales invoices and bank statements for when bank feeds don't work.

Give them a call they are taking loads of clients over from Receipt Bank, they are also better to deal with.

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Replying to Glennzy:
By Tailored_Accountancy
11th Aug 2017 22:57

I second AutoEntry. I use Receiptbank for some clients but have just started to use AutoEntry and I find it's easier to use, with a cleaner interface.

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By marks
11th Aug 2017 23:02

Agree with everything that Glennzy says re Autoentry

1. It cheaper than RB - you buy credits and you can spread them across clients rather than having a one account for each client like you do in RB. So you could have 10 clients who have say 20 invoices per month. In RB from memory that would cost £100 at £10 per client for up to 50 invoice per month. Under Autoentry you pay per credit. We pay 15p per invoice, we buy 500 credits each month so in above example that is £30 (10 clients x 20 invoices = 200 invoices x 15p each). We recharge clients in batches of 25 for £5 so effectively recharged at 20p per invoice if they had 25 invoices per month.

2. Autoentry much better are doing the OCR, recognises duplicates (something that RB didnt do well when we used it).

3. Autoentry can be used for sales invoices and bank statements as well as purchase invoices/receipts. RB just works with purchases invoices/receipts.

4. Both can autopublish across into the final accounts software.

5. Both have ability to upload via email and app

6. Only advantage that RB has IMO is there are more ways you can upload the details ie by post, dropbox etc.

Although RB recently had a big cash injection I think they will need it as although their marketing is slick the actual product isnt a patch on Autoentry.

If you want a cheaper option there are ones that are free.

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By TomOCRex
14th Aug 2017 12:04

Thanks everyone for the awesome response! I have to say we're hugely proud of AutoEntry and our client base continues to grow each and every day!

If you're happy using the software if you could leave us a review at:

We would hugely appreciate it! If there is anything we can help with, please just contact myself on here or through our chat feature.


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