Am I the only one concerned about this


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"Anyway, fun chatting this time. But must be off. Cooking etc. Laters."

Tax Dragon in a different thread. Who is she cooking? I thought she ate raw people. And is the cooking in an oven, or just by breath?

So many questions.

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By SteveHa
06th Apr 2021 18:10

Oh, and @Sift - why don't

tags work in an OP?????
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By Hugo Fair
06th Apr 2021 19:40

At the risk of stress-testing my force field ... it sounds like one of the first signs of ageing, when slightly wobbly incisors make cooked meat easier to rend than in its raw state. On the other hand that's usually accompanied by a shortened fuse for tolerating ineptitude in others, so TD's apparent mellowing probably kiboshes that theory!

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