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Amazon and VAT invoices

Amazon and VAT invoices

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Sometimes Amazon does not provide a VAT invoice and you cannot even request it.  However, their order summary provides the net figures, VAT figure and gross figure, details of what has been bought and a date of order and dispatch.  It says it's not a VAT invoice and the VAT number is not on the order details.  I feel however I should be able to use it to reclaim VAT as I have Amazon's VAT number on file and the amounts are below £250.00.  Let me know if you agree?  And if you don't, tell me why?

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panda ketteringUK
By ketteringUK
01st Aug 2021 14:57

Some of the marketplace sellers do not charge vat. You can download the invoices from the order history.

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By Samantha20
02nd Aug 2021 08:02

I think that if you register as a business customer then you get VAT receipts as a matter of course.

I have found that it is always possible to ask the retailer for a VAT invoice if one isn't showing on the order(there is even an option "Ask for Invoice" under each order)and have never had a problem receving them.

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Replying to Samantha20:
By Tornado
02nd Aug 2021 12:59

'I think that if you register as a business customer then you get VAT receipts as a matter of course.'

Yes, I was finding it difficult to get the correct documentation from an individual Amazon Account (customer since 2002 apparently) but I have opened a Business Account as well now and can not only easily separate business and private purchases by ordering from the appropriate account, a dedicated invoice is generated with each business order that can be downloaded with ease.

Very quick and easy to reconcile at the month end.

I never thought I would be recommending anything about Amazon, but my cynical mind is still whirring away in the background and thinks that they started to make it very difficult to get the correct documentation out of a private Amazon Account so that we would all switch to a business account.

I did notice that I seemed to become inundated daily with special offers so I took a little time to dig deep into the Amazon Website and finally found the preferences pages and discovered that I was signed up for mailings from something like 51 different Amazon departments, which explained the torrent of mailings. I carefully unsubscribed from all 51 and searched for other permissions that I had not knowingly given, and stopped all of those as well, and remarkably I now get NO promotional emails from Amazon whilst the online shopping experience has not been affected.

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By stepurhan
02nd Aug 2021 09:26

You've already said why claiming it would not be in keeping with the VAT rules. It is not a VAT invoice and it does not include a VAT number. The amount being below £250 is a bit of red herring. A simplified VAT invoice can be produced for lower value transactions, but those are still VAT invoices.

If you are confident VAT has been correctly charged regardless, you could make the claim anyway. However, it would be up to you to convince HMRC that the order summary was acceptable alternative evidence if it was investigated.

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By Mikesch
03rd Aug 2021 18:20

Thanks everybody for replying. Much appreciated. Funnily enough I have now found a way of downloading the VAT invoices from the business account. So I am a happy bunny.

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