Amazon Business Invoices in Personal Name

Signed up for Amazon Business but the Invoice downloads are not in the Limited company name.

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I have an Amazon UK Business account, every time I place an order I can clearly see that I am placing the order as the Limted company name, and throughout the order it shows I am placing as the business. I paid probably near to 100 orders by card in the year.

I have now come to download all of the invoices and am shocked that the invoice is completely in my name. Even the billing and delivery address has removed the company name from the invoice. 

I have spent the last couple of weeks on the phone and on chat to Amazon Business trying to find out why and how this can get fixed, but it gets me absolutely nowhere. 

Does anyone have any experience dealing with Amazon Business and what I can do from here. The orders were clearly purchased as a business and in the business name, but they have removed any traces of the Limited company name on every invoice I download. The invoice says Amazon Business but in my own name.

Any advice on this and how to get resolved would be greatly appreciated as I am going in circles with their outsourced "help" service.

Thank you.

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By bettybobbymeggie
23rd May 2024 15:59

Amazon business customer support is hopeless. I tried getting proper VAT invoices from them but they were rubbish - invoices still made our to me personally. I ended up shopping elsewhere and ditched Amazon.

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Replying to bettybobbymeggie:
23rd May 2024 16:15

Wow it's really that bad? This is a real shame as it's a place I can quickly get most things I need for the business, I didn't realise this is a widespread issue. Hopefully someone can help us both out.

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Scalloway Castle
By scalloway
23rd May 2024 19:13

I put the company name as the first line of the address.

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Replying to scalloway:
23rd May 2024 20:16

Thanks for this, it is a shame if you actually put it in the (Company Name) field that they don't populate your invoice.

Does that mean all previous VAT invoices are invalid? I have thousands spent so it's not something I would like to just swallow.

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Routemaster image
By tom123
24th May 2024 09:48

We (a school academy trust) find we are using Amazon business more and more. I find the invoices OK, although we do seem to have to include our purchase order number as part of the delivery address to get it to show on the invoice - that could be a setting somewhere.

What we do find annoying is you place one order for 10x an item, and could end up with 10 individual invoices to process and ten parcels to unpack.

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By tltodman
24th May 2024 21:47

A client of mine has exactly the same problem and invoices are made out to the director at his personal address (as that is where the company credit card address is registered) in spite of the fact the company name is clearly on the Amazon account and the office address is always the delivery address.

I've given up asking them to change it as I know they have tried and I have been there with them while they tried. I like the idea of the company name in the address field - I'll mention that next time I speak to them.

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Replying to tltodman:
25th May 2024 01:44

Thanks for your response. I can see now this is a massive problem that the only way to fix is either change your name to your company name or put company name in the address field.

What do you do with the previous invoices, as they are clearly purchased by the company on the Amazon system, can they still be used?

Thanks again.

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