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Amazon Goods storing in EU Countries

Amazon VAT EU Storing

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Could someone help me please with this situation. The client is UK Company registered, Amazon selling goods since last year. He has just found out that his goods also storing in other different EU Countries such as Germany, Italy etc. Also he has never been VAT registered in these EU countries, the company has just been registered for UK VAT as it's reached UK Threshold. Is it compulsory to be registered for the VAT in the other EU countries if the goods has been dispatched first from the UK to EU and then stored in the Germany for example? If he must be registered for the each EU Contry for the VAT where the goods were stored, but he wasn't and has not got any letters about it, what could happened? Maybe someone has an experience with such as clients,who deals with Amazon and storing goods in the EU countries, how it should be done right and could help me.

Thank you.


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20th Dec 2018 14:22

Hi Kseniia

If the business has held stock in other EU member states and goods have been sold whilst in those locations, a VAT registration is required. As a UK business, they will have a zero threshold in other member states where 'local' sales are made.

In addition to accounting for VAT on those supplies, it is also likely that the movement of own goods from UK to Germany etc. should have been reported on VAT returns in each country, together with an EC Sales list and (less likely), an intrastat return.

Let me know if you wish to discuss further.

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