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Amazon purchase

Amazon purchase

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I bought a new phone and emailed requesting an invoice.

Answer 1

We need the VAT number or your tax identification number so that the invoice is valid as we are a Spanish company and this information is mandatory for the invoice

I emailed again saying I didn't have one, but still needed an invoice.

Answer 2

The transaction would be without VAT if Amazon were not involved. When Amazon is an intermediary, the invoice must be with VAT.
If the sale had been made directly between you and us, it would be without VAT, that is to say, intra-community, as he says.

Amazon is selling online so the prices that are published in are with VAT. We are obliged by law to collect that VAT and then return it to the corresponding country.

I hope you understand it after our explanation, for more information you can contact Amazon directly.

Now I am confused. What to say to them next?

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By Tim Vane
20th Jun 2018 20:56

"Dame una factura, idiota!"

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By Jupiter Accountants
21st Jun 2018 23:41

It means you are charged VAT on your purchase unless you a VAT number.

However you should get the invoice online from Amazon after purchase. I dont understand whether your problem is not getting an invoice or being charged VAT?

Hope this helps

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By Marion Hayes
22nd Jun 2018 07:31

The only printable 'invoice' from the amazon website is the packing slip which does not show a price at all.
My problem is that I want an invoice, not that I paid VAT.
They continue to reply to my request, including my repeating the information that there is no vat number, saying they can't give me a valid invoice unless I give them a number.

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