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Amazon Trickery Anyone?

Has anyone else come across these Amazon practices and a way to avoid them?

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Like in any other small business when I need a consumable, I searched online to buy, in this case, a USB cable. 

The search was dominated by Amazon, but I still used them to source one. It arrived. But it didn’t work. I tried to return.

Whoops, Amazon had a no returns policy on this cable. I gave a bad Review.

Contacted the Seller who refunded me immediately.

It took two weeks for the money to actually hit my account.

Seller asked me to update my bad review which I tried to do, but in doing do, I said Amazon had held onto my money.

Amazon rejected this review.

I tried to reply to Amazon but ,weirdly, my Mac would not send the reply. It didn’t bounce. It just kept rejecting the reply in Mail.


In future I have used this trick to avoid using Amazon ...

After typing in the search words in your browser, type

Space bar once



The minus symbol stops the search on any word after it (so can use -ebay etc)

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By Tim Vane
22nd May 2020 11:10

We use Amazon for just about everything we buy now. They have good approval processes built into their business accounts which makes life very easy for managing spend and getting stuff quickly. Sure they have bad days like any other supplier but we’ve no real complaints.

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Replying to Tim Vane:
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By tom123
22nd May 2020 11:15

We are looking at their 'business' account.

Are you getting credit terms, Tim, and proper invoices for VAT?

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Replying to tom123:
By Southwestbeancounter
22nd May 2020 13:23

I wondered about registering for their business account too but have held off for now; It'll be interesting to hear of any others experiences

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Replying to Southwestbeancounter:
By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
22nd May 2020 13:32

We have a business account.
The main plus is you get the pre-VAT price, which filters down most of the marketplace sellers who are not VATregd.
Alos delivery seems quicker than on a domestic account, a lot comes next day or 48 hours, even with free delivery. I am too tight to pay for delivery!

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By Wanderer
22nd May 2020 11:16

Amazon is great for a lot of what it does, other things not so.

I advise clients to think long and hard before they start selling on Amazon. One thing is the fact that you are handing all your sales and marketing data of everything sold through Amazon to some of the best computers in the world.

It doesn't take the super computer long to work out your revenue, margins and profitability and then start to sell the exact same products in direct competition with you, but without the same Amazon imposed overheads.

ebay is a just platform. Amazon is a competitor. Would you normally hand all this information to a competitor?

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Replying to Wanderer:
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By tom123
22nd May 2020 12:01

I get your point, but this thread is more about buying etc.

I would be wary of selling - as you say.

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Replying to tom123:
By Wanderer
22nd May 2020 12:08

Yep I know, it was more a response to the overall heading "Amazon Trickery Anyone?".

It's a bit like when i explain to some about how Google searches work. Some, even tech savvy, clients are quite horrified.

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Replying to Wanderer:
By penelope pitstop
22nd May 2020 12:27

When you have a free hour or two in the next year or so you will have to enlighten and horrify the rest of us too!

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Replying to penelope pitstop:
By Wanderer
22nd May 2020 12:38

Simple example.

When a client is walking down the street and googles 'Where is the best place near here to get a good coffee' on their smartphone, Google does a lightning speed auction amongst its Adwords subscribers and highlights to the client who has paid Google the most to tell them that.

Another 1p - 50p in Google's coffers for that.

The words 'best, 'near' and 'good' are very much subsidiary to the main focus of the algorithm.

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Replying to Wanderer:
28th May 2020 10:27

Yeah, but that is the paid ads at the top, which the majority of users scroll past.

I wouldn't really use the paid ads myself for accountancy advertising, as I reckon Google does very little to stop competitors and others who have no intention of buying just clicking your link and just cost you 50p or more a click!

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By pauljohnston
28th May 2020 10:59

In reply to questions about the Amazon BUsiness account we transfrred over last September. No problems and get VAT invoices, although I have noticed that sometimes non vat suppliers of the same items can be cheaper than the Net Vat price, but this all takes time so a great chunk of our business goes the Amazon way

In response to wander many items if you look below the price have something like "from other sellers". One can often buy through these and make a saving.

When buying CDs I always use this method to get them much lower than the MP3 down load price

Lastly I have a few contacts who sware that using the Amazon model has saved them £s and increased their sales and profits. Horses for courses

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By ColA
28th May 2020 12:38

Yes, found some of the ‘minnow’ sellers on Amazon less than helpful, tardy and inefficient, yet others sparkle.
One case a year or so back had to force action with a tart review, and seller then pleaded for it to be deleted. So annoyed I left the review as was.
Another contact had excellent response, even, strangely, telephoning her mobile (GDPR- breach?) but refunded/replaced in full.

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28th May 2020 15:11

Actually, I'm a fan of Amazon especially their "next day" delivery which rarely fails. If an advert is obviously misleading (bought an item promised as pack of 6 but only 1 arrived), a complain to Amazon resulted in rapid full refund, and I kept the "1". Like all businesses you need to be critical of what is offered and whether you buy, but convenience is awesome.

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By markabacus
29th May 2020 11:39

Amazon - Barge pole comes to mind LOL Don't pay our taxes won't buy their goods

Plenty of other sellers out there and Amazon are not necessarily the cheapest either just people presume they are, especially if you are Vat reg'd, I know from clients who buy from them and then find the seller is not Vat reg'd so they weren't the cheapest after all.

Amazon are not creating jobs as some seem to think but destroying our UK suppliers and moving some but all of the jobs to Amazon.Sorry but they are one of my pet hates along with the likes of Starbucks

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By sammerchant
29th May 2020 17:57

Amazon now has a number of suppliers who state that the goods will be supplied 'from UK stock', but when you have ordered, you find that it will take up to 6 weeks to receive the goods. I call this sharp practice. And Amazon does nothing to police that, as it is more income for Bezos. I now shop less and less there - 5 purchases in 2019, 2 this year.

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