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Amazon Xero Apps

Any good?

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I’ve heard different things about the quality or information that comes out of the Amazon Xero apps (A2X, FBA). 

Anyone that has practical experience of them, what are they like? Are there better options?

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By johnt27
07th Jun 2019 09:30

I've used both A2X and Unleashed with Amazon sellers and don't have too many complaints. Much better than trying to deal with the myriad reports that come out of Amazon.

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By Gone Sailing
07th Jun 2019 16:50

@ johnt27 helped me here:

I think a shared experience of this maze will be very helpful, it's only going to get a lot worse, especially with all the new bank accounts and online trading platforms.

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By Grovely
13th Jun 2019 17:37

A2X works really well, takes a bit of setting up, but once done saves hours of work.

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