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Amend PAYE records for year 2011/12

Amend PAYE records for year 2011/12

Please can someone help!

I had a consultancy company which was Ltd with 1 PA employed by me from March 2011 - I knew the employee was pregnant at the time of employing, though was not due for 4 months (the employee was a friend of a friend). However, the employee gave birth prematurely in May 2011 and as such didn't qualify for SMP from my company. 

I advised the accountancy firm responsible for my accounts/payroll etc of this and was assured it had been dealt with. On the employee's return to work following unpaid maternity leave, she completed a tax credits decleration in July 2012 stating her income from employment with me for the year 2011/12. 

She received a letter in Sept from HMRC advising PAYE states differently to figures she provided, at this time I spoke with accountancy firm who advised this would be rectified - It never was (not had an explanation why)!

Long story short, the employee and her husband have had to face an appeals tribunal, who though while seem reasonable satisfied with the explanation - state they cannot overturn HMRC's claim without clear evidence in the form of ammended PAYE or P60. 

The company has since ceased to trade in the year 2013/14, and I have spoken to the accountant in question who has advised there is nothing they can do about this as they no longer have the details of my company on their systems. I have been all around HMRC today trying to find information as I know this young family cannot afford to pay HMRC what they are claiming they owe. I have been advised the way to go about this may be a P14 & P35, though no one is certain for sure. I am meeting the accountant next week to discuss this further as he claims these can't be processed and won't suffice.

Can someone please advise on best course of action for me to ensure PAYE & P60 gets ammended for this family.



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22nd May 2014 22:29

they should possibly make a claim for
Over payment relief but its going to be tricky

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