Amending first year filing deadline

Companies deadline for first year of trading is 5th June 2023

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Company first accounts are due 5th June 2023, however, company did not start trading until 1st June 2022 therefore looking at shortening first year to 31st May 2022 and submitting dormant accounts, will this trigger penalties as these will be late or will the 3 month extention normally given remove any penalties, cannot get a definate answer from Co Hse.

Any help appreciated.

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Out of my mind
By runningmate
25th May 2023 12:12

Just do it!

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By DKB-Sheffield
25th May 2023 12:27

As always with these questions... the company didn't start *trading* 'til 1st June 2022. That doesn't necessarily mean it was dormant - you may wish to check!

Shortening would prevent CH penalties and give a 3 month filing window from date of AA01.

Make sure HMRC were notified of commencement of trading. If not, the change of ARD may result in a CT return being classed as 'due' by 31/5. (It's just taken me >6 months to resolve an incorrect LFP for an extended AP).

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