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Amending previous FPS (payroll)

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Due to new information the Sept - Dec payrolls for a client have been amended.
Am I right in thinking submitting January FPS is sufficient as it will update the year to date info, or should I re-submit the previous FPS's again?

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By Matrix
05th Feb 2020 17:05

Yes I think so, if you use Moneysoft make sure you have followed the instructions to unlock etc. I think you can also submit amended FPS now if you need to.

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By SteLacca
06th Feb 2020 08:56

Re-submit. FPS is not cumulative (unlike EPS).

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By Wieslaw
06th Feb 2020 10:32


"Payroll Manager will automatically include updated year to date figures in the next available FPS. All that you need to do is to edit the relevant figures by following the steps below:"

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By David Heaton
06th Feb 2020 18:18

You are right about the correction FPS in January. Do NOT resubmit FPSs - you risk creating chaos and duplicate information. The official guidance ( says:

"If you’ve reported the wrong pay or deductions

To correct a mistake made in the current tax year, update the year-to-date figures in your next regular Full Payment Submission (FPS)."

FPSs show YTD cumulatives, and those are the numbers that need to be right by the end of the year. You don't resubmit old periods with new figures, as both sets of figures can end up in the records.

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