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Amending SA100 after change of software

Does submitting revised SA100 using different software cause any problems HMRC end?

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I need to amend my client's SA100 for 2017/18 but am now using different software.  The box involved is not one HMRC will accept changes to over the phone and there is a considerable tax refund due.  I've been told there is an 8 week wait if I write in with the correction.  Does anyone know if I can re-do the return on the new software and submit without causing any issues?  Has anyone done this successfully?

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12th Dec 2019 10:44

In previous years we have used our software to amend returns filed by clients using HMRC's software, before they came to us . We had to tell our software it was an amended return. There didn't appear to be any problems HMRC's end.

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Replying to GW:
By TaxAngel
12th Dec 2019 10:53

Thanks, that's good to hear.

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By SXGuy
12th Dec 2019 10:53

Make sure you mark the return as amended, before filing, and it should be fine.

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By accountantccole
12th Dec 2019 11:50

Might depend on the software - I don't think SAGE let you send an amendment if the original one went a different way.

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Replying to accountantccole:
By CazzyT
12th Dec 2019 12:03

Sage will, as long as you mark it as an amendment.

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By carnmores
13th Dec 2019 13:59

i thought it was a requirement of all 3rd party software that it marks it as an amendment. if not it will fail

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