AML and Tax Return software recommendation

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We have a small practice and have been using Tax Filer which was a very good deal with unlimited tax returns. Taxfiler has recently migrated to IRIS Elements and although IRIS has kept the same pricing for now, their functionality isn't great. 

I am also looking for an AML software. We had an inspection visit last year and we have kept things manual but we are now planning to use an AML software. My membership gets me 20% discount on AMLCC. Is it any good?

We have a Xero Practice Manager subscription which comes free as part of the Xero partnership but we don't use it much. 

We are a very small practice, 60 clients. Is there a software that offers all of the above i.e. tax returns filing, AML, Practice management with reasonable prices for micro pratices. 

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By Gilly
13th Mar 2024 11:23

Have a look at TaxCalc. Excellent for tax returns, I've not used the AML module, but it's there as an option.

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