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AML Checks on distance clients

How to complete properly

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One of our clients has moved down to London and has recommended us to a friend. 

We are based in Manchester so I am just wondering what the most appropriate way to verify documentation is.

Could we complete the normal Interview sheet and then request a copy of ID such as passport / driving licence then use a third party AML check such as veriphy to complete the check? 

We would not physically see the client or the original copy so I trying to ascertain the best way to ensure we are remaining compliant with our checks. This will be a low risk rental property income client.

Many thanks


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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
19th Sep 2019 15:00

We rarely meet clients, and use 3rd party software to confirm passports are real etc. We do it with "walk ins" too, as it gives some history of the client such as if they have active redirects on post etc and quite frankly I would not have a clue if a passport was fake or not.

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By johnhemming
19th Sep 2019 15:03

There are always the options of a video call and taking a still from the video call. They use that for Open Banking and when I instructed a firm of solicitors recently in another city their compliance accepted that proposal.

All you need is a computer with a video camera (like almost all laptops) and software to do this.

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
19th Sep 2019 18:17

For £3 a shot its worth using the 3rd party for confirmation.

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By meadowsaw227
20th Sep 2019 08:56

Haven't got nor ever had a client I have not met face to face .

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
20th Sep 2019 09:13

I have a number of clients whom I dont meet. I also have a number whom I've known for over 20 years, I know where they live (been round to their house/premises etc etc), know they are who they say they are and I dont particularly want to ask them for signed identify checks. The vast majority dont have them and dont want to go to the Post Office and queue up for ages and spend money just for me.

I too was concerned about this so I rang the CIOT/ATT helpdesk on such matters. I was advised that you need to get signed documents or you take photographic ID (driving licence) evidence (bit difficult in the circumstances if abroad) and original bank statement will prove the address.
Or... pay Verify... so I'm including the fact that I might use Verify in my letter of engagement and then telling those clients that I will be using Verify.
It wont leave a 'footprint' on their credit record.
I'm doing mine automatically via Accountancymanager.
£3 is worth it esp on those clients who work abroad.
Add on an extra £5 to their bill

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