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AML desk top review requested before asked for!

Has anybody else received an HMRC AML review request with date of return prior to their own letter?

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My AML supervisor is HMRC. On 20 July I received a letter announcing they would conduct a "remote review" of my activities. The letter was received on 31 July. They asked for an "email security undertaking" by 27 July and further information by 30 July, both dates prior to the receipt of their letter! In addition to the impracticalty of not being able to respond prior to the date of being asked, what do members think of the "extra" 3 days allowed to collate information adequate for their review. I was also given a date in September for a "1 to 2 hour" telephone call "at 10am" which would review the information I had provided. Talk about shades of waiting in for the gas man etc. Has anybody else been subjected to this kind of treatment?

I would add that I have only 9 active tax return clients, am not accepting any more new clients, my last new client was 8 years ago and the rest I have acted for in some cases, approaching 40 years. I have tried for exemption but get stone walled.

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the sea otter
By memyself-eye
28th Aug 2020 12:42

I sympathise - obviously after 40 years you clearly don't know your clients!

I hope to be finished by the time they get round to me.

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