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AML- Money Making Exercise for Regulators?

Fees being ramped up for supervision

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So has anyone noticed the huge increase in fees being charged for the AML supervision?  

HMRC are increasing theirs to £300 from 1 May plus lots of other £300 for set up, per office, etc.

CIOT are increasing their annual fee to £170.  Plus all the time required to comply with the various regulations, such as writing myself a written statement of my money laundering regulation policies (!!! really, you can't make this up, as a sole practitioner with no staff I have to have this or CIOT will put me in front of the disciplinary board!).

I wonder how much good all this does.  Given the costs are spiralling out of control, how much does it all cost and how much actual money laundering is caught by the current bureaucratic burden imposed on us all?

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By Roland195
05th Apr 2019 13:17

It's basically just theatre in the same vein as the security precautions at airports - it does little to combat the actual risks but makes people feel better and generates a lot of cash for interested parties.

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By memyself-eye
05th Apr 2019 14:25

If I wasn't so exercised about MTD I would be incandescent about this!

I'm off to iron a few £20 notes just to prove money laundering works....

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