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AML Registration

I am not on the list

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I am sitting looking at my AML registration certificate for the period ended 31.12.19 for which I paid a Fee.

I have printed this off my Gateway today ! I have cut and pasted and tried every way possible to fing myself on HMRCs national database and am not showing up. The link came in an email : . What should I do and has anyone else had this problem ?



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By Duggimon
30th Apr 2019 13:53

The page you linked to tells you what to do.

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By tax91
07th May 2019 16:16

I am registered and I have wasted a lot of time attempting to do 2019 AML and received money back put through at the start of March.
The problem with AML is when it went solely on to computer software but I imagine no one is surprise at this.

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By Psychic Sue
16th May 2019 13:10

I am wondering how long registrations are taking to come through. I have started a new business and registered in February but still have nothing through. I have my Agent set up through the old system but cannot register for MTD until I get my AML through. I have a vat return due by end July.

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