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Good ol' KG re Loan Charge & HMRC

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"In other comments, Gordon said there is a culture within HMRC to get as much money as possible. There is not much sympathy for anyone who considers themselves to be an entrepreneur. There is a feeling in certain part of HMRC that anyone who is not working as an employee, and possibly even in the public sector, has somehow sold their soul to the devil and deserves what they get."

He's certainly not the only one (ex HMRC) I've heard saying that (or similar).

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blue sheep
By Nigel Henshaw
11th Jan 2021 17:21

Lord Bridges said many of these 20-30 hard core promoters ‘seem to be swanning around in what are now called offshore financial centres on their yachts, and no one seems to be going after them’. Is HMRC really doing enough using its existing powers?
Gordon said they are clearly not, because otherwise you would not be able to find the adverts on Google today.

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Replying to NH:
By Justin Bryant
11th Jan 2021 17:29

Yes; I read that bit too from KG which is of course also correct.

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