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An Outlook tip - searching for an email (not a Q)

Found this almost by accident - useful search facility within Outlook

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I thought I would share this.  I have often found myself wanting to apply multiple criteria to search my inbox.  For example, I remember John Smith sent me an email earlier this year about his CGT.  But Outlook apparently allows me to search for emails from John Smith or to search for emails which include "CGT" - but not for emails from John Smith which include "CGT".

It turns out that Outlook has advanced search facilities - but by default they do not appear in the menu. You can customise the ribbon to make an extra tab - called "search" - appear.  Woo hoo!  (A quick google will turn up the detailed steps to do this.)

The new tab includes "Search tools" which include "advanced find".

Who knew! (Probably everybody except me .....)


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By Mr Hankey
06th Aug 2018 11:34

I had a similar issue with searching as you. Now added search to the ribbon, thanks for sharing!

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By paulwakefield1
06th Aug 2018 13:30

To save the Google!

For OL2016
Right click an empty area of the ribbon and choose "Customize the ribbon"
Under "Choose Commands from", select "All tabs" from the drop down list
Click on "Seach" under "Search Tools" and click "Add"
Click "OK"

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By paulwakefield1
06th Aug 2018 13:33

As a further note, the Search Tools ribbon should appear anyway when you click in the normal Search box.

The Advanced Find feature is under the Search Tools icon.

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