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And now Companies House are joining in

And now Companies House are joining in

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As if we don't waste enough time due to HMRC's web filing service being inadequate we now have a new problem:
Request Failure Report  


The following FAILURE message was generated

Server Busy (We are currently experiencing unusually high volumes of usage and are unable to satisfy your request.) / 777

Please note this screen and reference number when phoning the Contact Centre.

Ref: /home/ewflive/MODULES/ESDrivers/BuildShuttle/

Error Code 777 at line 1224

Tel: 0870 3333636

If the server is busy due to high volumes of usage then I suggest that you buy a better one.

Somebody asked me at the weekend why I have Reggie Perrin as my avatar pic.

Je repose ma valise.

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By Anonymous
12th Oct 2009 13:38

wht Reggie Perrin?

I though that it was parce que tu as des idées audessus de ta gare.

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By Phil Rees
12th Oct 2009 15:06

Blond genug

(I've switched to German now.)


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By seitler
12th Oct 2009 22:16

Companies House

Je ne suis pas arrivé où je suis aujourd'hui en soumettant des comptes sur la ligne à la Maison de Compagnies. Ni Mme. CJ ni moi ne soumettons accoumnts sur la ligne

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By Democratus
13th Oct 2009 10:00

Mange Tout, Mange Tout,

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