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Andica SA problem

Andica SA problem

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Just wondered if anyone else is having problems with the 2014 Andica SA software. I keep getting an error message which when looking on their website, they suggest could be a problem with AVG protection. However I've disabled AVG, have also enabled it so that Andica can be allowed, have reinstalled the software and am now running out of ideas. Just wondered if anyone else had seen this problem and had any suggestions of what to do?

Many thanks

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By acctsoft
09th Apr 2014 12:16


Hello jam2

Sorry to read you have had a problem with the new 2014 version. Can you please provide details of the message you are getting so that I can identify the issue and provide you with a solution. Your can either post on AW, PM me or email us directly and I am sure if we know the cause, we will also have a solution.


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