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Andrew Tyrie MP standing down

Anti-MTD MP to be lost to Parliament

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Assuming the 'washing up' of the MTD section of the Finance Act represents only a stay of execution, I am disappointed to read that Andrew Tyrie, the Chair of the Treasury Select Committee and ardent believer that the introduction of MTD should be delayed, is standing down at the forthcoming election.  He is one of the few MP's who have even heard of MTD.  Doubtless much rejoicing within the upper echelons of HMRC at this news as he was threatening to become a real thorn in their side.  We need all the friends we can get on this and we are about to lose a crucial one.

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Replying to fawltybasil2575:
By lionofludesch
26th Apr 2017 14:32

I expect he's been hounded out by HMRC, Basil.

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