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I have a charity CT600 to file and my normal software doesn't do them.  Andica seems to be the only standalone software and a couple of questions if I may, aimed at users of the software

Is it easy to populate?  ie manually enter the trial balance and the software does it's job or is it similar to the HMRC one which I found quite clunky?

The accounts are to 31st March 2022, but I can only find accounts to 31st March 2023.  If I download that will it let me do it or do I need an earlier version.


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By spilly
02nd Apr 2023 00:07

We used Andica a while back. It was pretty easy and intuitive to enter data.
The only reason that we stopped using it is because it became less cost-effective once we gained more clients.

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By vraithatha
06th Apr 2023 12:07

I have used Andica for the last 2-3 years to file a trust's returns (minimal entries) and the process is pretty seamless.

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