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What is included in annual accounts

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Hi, can anyone advise me what schedules are prepared as part of annual accounts. It is a small company, limited with three shareholders. I understand a P&l statement and Balance sheet is required. Is a cash flow statement or any other schedule required to be prepared? What is the statutory requirement?







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By WhichTyler
02nd Mar 2019 22:11

There's stuff on the companies House site that may be useful. Or read FRS102/105. Or get an accountant...

If you need a company, you need an accountant

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By Tim Vane
03rd Mar 2019 01:09

There is no statutory requirement to produce schedules as part of the annual accounts.

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By lionofludesch
03rd Mar 2019 10:13

Is it small ? Or is it micro ?

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By Sheepy306
03rd Mar 2019 17:35

One of those questions I've always dreaded being asked.

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By Tornado
03rd Mar 2019 17:45

Perhaps the answer is that you cannot use FRS102 section 1a

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