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Annual Accounts Foreign Countries.

Need source for getting Annual Accounts for overseas countries.

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Do you (A) an agency who i can order Annual Accounts from for countries in Europe (West and East) , Middle East, and India? (B) Also need source for getting the Annual Accounts directly from each individual countries Government or official agency.  Thanking you in anticipation.

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By WhichTyler
28th May 2019 11:36

(A) Creditsafe can do this (at a price)
(B) Depends on the country doesn't it? and anyway where do you think the agencies get their information from?

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By paul.benny
28th May 2019 09:12

Wikipedia has a list of national company registers here

As you might expect, the information available varies. Financial statements, especially those of smaller or privately-owned companies are not publicly available documents in a great many countries.

Providers such as Creditsafe can supply credit reports but the quality is variable.

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