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Annual adjustment of VAT recovery rates - template

I'm looking for Excel template to calculate a partial VAT recovery rate for annual adjustment. 

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We are charity and we carry both taxable and VAT exempt activities. I understand we are required to run an annual review and adjust the VAT rates. I am looking for workings template how this should be done. I am aware of VAT Partial Exemption Guidance from the HMRC. 

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By FayeBK
14th Oct 2020 08:40

If you Google "partial exemption calculator template" there are some available from other kind souls who have made their own templates public.

Very useful to prove your calculations but don't rely solely on a free template found online for something so important!

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By Bobbo
14th Oct 2020 13:24

As a charity you may also want to consider whether a non-business apportionment of VAT is relevant.

Perhaps speak with your auditors?

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By Echo761
15th Oct 2020 10:56

You could try...

but it has nearly as much about MTD as it does about PE. The point re Business/Non-business apportionment is very relevant too.

If you message me I can send you a spreadsheet that I use for a number of partly exempt and non-business clients.

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