Annual Investment Allowance for furnished holiday

Can i claim AIA for integral features, fittings and furniture for a house renovated for use as a FHL

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In 2015 i purchased a part completed new-build property. I completed the build in 2016 and it is used as a furnished holiday let (as of September 2016). My question is for the 2016/17 financial year can i claim AIA for the integral features, fittings and the furniture and white goods purchased to fit out the property? It will be a self-assessment return as a sole trader.

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By Tim Vane
26th Oct 2017 20:53

You should speak to a professional adviser.

This forum is for accountants and not for businesses or individuals seeking tax advice. You can try posting your question on but be aware that a lot of the responses on there are worth exactly what you pay for them.

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By Accountant A
26th Oct 2017 21:13

I assume that the "integral features, fittings and the furniture and white goods" were not free. Paid for professional advice is another necessary cost of (properly) running a business and managing (correctly) the financial consequences.

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By Briar
26th Oct 2017 23:48

As you don't allow dogs in your cottage (good way of advertising though!), I am not going to answer.

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By lionofludesch
27th Oct 2017 09:53

Bore da !

Whilst the above comments may seem dismissive, they are good advice.

Capital Allowances on integral fittings is a highly specialised area.

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By MJShone
27th Oct 2017 10:12

The quick and easy answer is - "yes - in principle". Depending on the amounts involved, you may need an accountant or even a specialist in capital allowances to tell you exactly what you can claim on.

PS I've just had a look - looks gorgeous! You may even be able to claim capital allowances (restricted for personal use) on the gym equipment. It definitely looks like it's worth getting an accountant who knows about the detail of capital allowances to look at this for you.

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