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Annual Returns

Annual Returns

In case any one is not aware, from 01/10/11 Companies House will not accept old style forms AR01. As far as I can see the change is purely aove from the 2003 SIC codes to the 2007 SIC codes.

For IRIS users there will be an update to software w/c 07/10/11 and they advise not to manually change the SIC codes as the update will do this, and you may get problems as it will re-convert what you have changed.


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By Locutus
13th Sep 2011 21:45

Filing deadline for annual returns

I got the same e-mail from Iris.  One point that puzzled me a little - there is a red paragraph that says all returns MUST (their capitals) be filed within 28 days of the due date.

Hasn't this always been the case?  This begs the question of what happens if the return is not filed by that date.

I know Companies House are always threatening fire and brimstone (£5,000 fines, etc) if returns are late, but all that ever seems to happen is that after many months or even years (and several reminders) Companies House just commences striking off proceedings.

Has anything changed, or is this just bluster?

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By Old Greying Accountant
13th Sep 2011 21:47

I wondered too...

... I have often thought AR's are ripe for automatic penalities ...

Where I am registered office I turn them around the day they come in, but where RO is at client then that worries me!

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to Flying Scotsman
14th Sep 2011 08:59


This has also been a big worry if an RO is at the clients office or worse home. We now include a standard bit in our letter of engagement that states that if the RO is not at us we are not liable for any penalty of any sort.

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13th Sep 2011 22:01

they seem to start earlier now

28 days could be when they threaten to strike the company off

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13th Sep 2011 22:27


Has anyone notice them issuing Gazette notices for late annual returns? I have just taken on a client that had an overdue return and they do not believe they received any further reminders.

This has also happened to another accountant I know.

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20th Sep 2011 16:30

Accountingweb readers were the first to know!

I told accountingweb readers about this in my article as above about a month ago (31 Aug)


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