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Annual Tax Summary

Annual Tax Summary

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As a substitute for or an addition to the SA302 some mortgage lenders are asking for the HMRC Annual Tax Summary. Does anyone know why the online taxpayer account is only showing information for 2013/2014? Or am I looking in the wrong place?

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By stephenkendrew
11th Sep 2015 16:57

Tax year overview

The requests I've had have been for a "tax year overview".

You can get this on the "view account" tab on your clients account, the "tax year" tab will show the information for one year. You then have to change the year using the drop down box at the top of the page.

These show nothing other than the fact that the client has paid their tax for the year in question.


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By Paul D Utherone
13th Sep 2015 23:02

...and yet when you provide
Third party software tax computation and the HMRC annual review, which I thought was supposed to have been agreed as sufficient by lenders, the mortgage broker STILL insists on three years SA302’s :(

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By thomas34
14th Sep 2015 07:29


for your comments but I still can't fathom why the HMRC annual tax summary is a year out of date. 

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By Marion Hayes
14th Sep 2015 08:27

Wrong place

The Annual tax summary is the document which helpfully tells us how our taxes have been spent. It is updated each year in November I think once the details of spending are available.

The Tax overview Paul refers to is accessed through the view account link and does show 2014/15 where submitted

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