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Another day in a rubbish week

It can only improve

Client who won my servcies in an auction 3 years ago ( no fees for one year). Standard self employed no problems until......this year I ask for her usual income information and a rented property pops up.

Me "how long has you been renting this property"?

Client "since 2007"

Me "why haven't you told me about this before"?

Client " Honestly I don't know - I probably thought it wasn't income I haven't made much out of it"

Me to desk WTF am I dealing with people like this

This is going to be a bitch week


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21st Nov 2017 14:19

You think its going to improve with the budget tomorrow?

*hollow laugh*

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21st Nov 2017 14:22

Sounds to me like there's an opportunity for earning some good fees.

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21st Nov 2017 14:26

You've got to love clients like this. Nightmare!

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21st Nov 2017 14:27

It's tedious but I find you just can't ask "do you have any other income", it's got to be a whole list of questions. Do you own any other property, does your bank pay any interest, do you own any shares, do you have a pension, do you get any benefits and so on.

I think for every one of those I've had a client who didn't think it counted as income and if you don't ask specifically about it then they won't tell you.

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to Duggimon
24th Nov 2017 11:03

My annual return questionnaire asks all those questions and I've still had a 2 or 3 clients come forward in recent years, suddenly telling me they've been renting out a property for a few years. There is simply no good way of getting all relevant information out of some clients. They just don't get it.

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21st Nov 2017 14:29

Maybe polygraphs for accountants is the new must have bit of kit.

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21st Nov 2017 14:39

The good news is that because of her stupidity you should get to recover the first year freebie.

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By Mr_awol
21st Nov 2017 15:26

Look on the bright side - at least this didn't all come out whilst you were on a freebie.

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By Chris Mann
21st Nov 2017 15:30

And, it's only Tuesday. Just imagine what the rest of the week holds?

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21st Nov 2017 17:01

I think the amnesty on property income is still alive.
Maybe there's some old losses to b/f

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24th Nov 2017 10:14

yes also a bit of a rubbish week.

I watched the apprentice on Wednesday and picking up dog [***] certainly resonated.

Have had big problems with a con artist debt collection outfit called Falcon Management as per Citizen Advice and The Daily Express have been a lot of complaints. Feel very let down as debt collectors are meant to help, I never envisaged perhaps having to take the debt collector to court!

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By enanen
24th Nov 2017 10:22

I agree, polygraph.

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24th Nov 2017 12:05

Polygraph wouldn't work. I find most clients aren't lying, they're too - I was going to say stupid, but that's not kind, they're so accounts un-savvy they can say "no I don't have any other income" and still bank the rent and ... pass a polygraph.

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24th Nov 2017 12:27

People do not need to be accounts savvy, they just need to read the question, answer it if they know the answer,
and say they do not know if they don't.

My week-

Me by e mail- partner X also had employment income with y last year, can you let me have her P45 if she left between 6/4/16 and 5/4/17 or P60 re year end, as appropriate?

Client- no, she left employment long before 6/4/16.

(Me- though bubble-- Hmnn- lets dig out last year's paperwork/e mail to check if a P45 or P60 last year. Having done this turns out it was a P60.)

Me- e mail to client- are you sure, certainly a P60 last year so likely an employee at 5/4/16, can you go and check, have a look at bank statements if no P45 etc, see if anything received after 6/4/16; it is possible no earnings
post 5/4/16 but I suspect unlikely.

Client-e mail to me last night, yes, they left employment in March 2017, will arrange to get copy P45.

(not even a sorry)

So , e mails and digging because someone could not be bothered, when asked the question, to check.

And if return goes in without employment income and code has been applied to part time employment , well underpaid tax, HMRC letter at best, more work for me later etc.

(and all this despite being given a wallet to store non accounts tax stuff, payslips, p60s, notes re interest, dividends et al)

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