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Another HMRC Head of Dept jumping ship?

First David Gauke now Nick Lodge.. where will it end?

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Nick Lodge was Director General of Strategy at HMRC. David Gauke - needs no introduction.

>> perhaps they'll find life easier and less stressful at another Govt dept rather than presiding over the MTD future fiasco to be?


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By Tornado
17th Sep 2018 23:25

"I’ve loved my time in HMRC. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with great people, as part of some brilliant teams and in a wide range of different areas. I have every confidence HMRC will continue to deliver."

Continue to deliver what?

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to Tornado
18th Sep 2018 08:19

My first thought was "When did they start to deliver?"

Is this the new logistics arm of HMRC?

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18th Sep 2018 10:04

Jennifer, do I detect a (small) tone of cynicism?
Perish the thought.
At the moment, I'd almost welcome any new development, from HM Government, which didn't include the phrase "Brexit". I am now personally sick and tired of hearing nothing new and, apparently, with no immediate direction.
Whilst, in theory, MTD may be a welcome concept. In reality, HMRC is a department, which shares the capabilities of the Home Office and, many others (generally unfit for purpose) and will be unlikely to deliver the framework, which is required.

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18th Sep 2018 13:48

In answer to your question where will it end......Fiasco......

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21st Sep 2018 10:47

So, having buggered up HMRC as much as possible, by his delusional assumptions of competence; he is now headed off to the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street, to assist them in the last phase of buggering up the country's Monetary System, Fiscal System and public and private sector finance systems.

And, no doubt, when he leaves the B of E, it will be with yet another massive pension pot, a huge Golden Handshake and shortly after a Peerage.

Britain: a country of lions; led by donkeys...

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21st Sep 2018 17:05

On behalf of us donkeys I object to the previous statement. We can be stubborn but at least we put our feet one in front of the other and continue on to our destination without being useless on the way

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to pauljohnston
22nd Sep 2018 18:10


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