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Another messy remuneration trust scheme

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Similar to this other recent disaster:

Clearly Aston Court Chambers used essentially the same RT planning as PB-W, with the same disastrous results.

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30th Sep 2021 20:09

Thanks for all your updates.

Out of interest, what are you?

Tax barrister?
Accountant in practice?
HMRC Tax Investigation Defence/Tax consultant?

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Replying to GR:
By Justin Bryant
01st Oct 2021 10:30

I'm a rather sad Aweb addict I think is the best way to describe me!

I'm glad you agree the case is interesting. It's never a good look to plead your own sham as your defence/claim per para 49 and there was only going to be one result here. The judge's para 142 comment is mildly amusing/sarcastic.

Para 139 shows just how bad things are for the taxpayer in this case.

Interestingly the company changed from Ltd to Unltd after its incorporation around the time of the EBT, presumably to keep its assets etc. confidential.

There used to be a bloke on here called carlh who regularly claimed these RTs were the best thing since sliced bread. Unsurprisingly we have not heard from him for quite a while now. See:

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