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Another Question on the Offshore Disclosure Amnesty

Another Question on the Offshore Disclosure...

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Client has not disclosed offshore interest in the past (and has therefore given notice of intention to disclose). But what about the interest for 2005/06? Her Tax Return was filed in January 2007. Can we file an amended Return for 2005/06 now and therefore avoid the 10% penalty?
Ian Dalzell

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By AnonymousUser
19th Jun 2007 15:59

Getting the ball rolling...
Why not amend the 0506 return before you give details of the disclosure (before Nov 07) and see what happens? Then put all the other info in the disclosure.

Just a thought, based on logic (so by default will disagree with HMRC's guidelines!! :p)

I am sure now I have posted a random idea, someone will correct me.

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