Another software query

Another software query

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OK, I'm working with a new client and having gone down one blind alley I am keen to get the right accounting software to suit their business. The accounting will only be done by myself or bookkeeping associates so ease of use for the end user is not an issue. These are the requirements:

  • Need to be able to produce P & L and Balance sheet reports based on custom dates (SAGE won't work with its fixed monthly structure).
  • Client has about 2000 supplier invoice per month so import from excel/csv is essential. Xero can do this well BUT see below ....
  • I need to be able to process payments to suppliers easily, preferably as a batch with emailed remittances. Xero should be able to do this but has huge problems (can't pay credit notes as part of a payment run, have to work from a list of all unpaid supplier invoices - maybe 1000 lines but can only see and work with 200 at a time).
  • Cloud based would be useful but only if it works - Xero freezes my internet connection (and the crashes it) on a regular basis. This may be my problem as we do not have hi-speed broadband but that isn't going to change any time soon.
  • There are hardly any sales invoices / no costing/ stock/pop but about 500 lines per month of bank entries so automation of this is desirable.

Any thoughts really appreciated!

Thanks    Steve

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By callum_sleezby
25th Feb 2015 16:41

Can solve the Sage issue here

To avoid Sage's strict monthly structure you can use the transactional reports found in Financials -> Reports -> then choose the appropriate heading and they tend to be the bottom result

You can favourite these by hitting the star next to the report name, which means they'll show up after you load the reports menu.

Off topic slightly there, but this will then allow you to run the reports you're looking for, for a specific date period, i.e not the monthly structure.

As of your other problems like excel compatibility and importation of Bank, it's not something that I have used regularly, but Sage certainly has the functionality to do so.

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By 3569787
03rd May 2016 16:15

How do you


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By Steve Holloway
25th Feb 2015 17:33

Thanks both ...

I will investigate what you have said although in my scan through the various forums it appeared that SAGE wouldn't actually import the invoices but could import lines to to the audit trail. I believe this causes issues with viewing the invoice analysis later on?

3569787 ... they pay by internet transfer but this works fairly easily as although there are many invoices there are only about 35 suppliers and all of the details are set up on the internet banking to pay as a batch twice each month i.e. the software doesn't have to drive this but does need to produce remittances etc.



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