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Another take on the 'business entertaining' question

Another take on the 'business entertaining'...

My client's clients are pubs and restaurants.  My client does not have her own premises and she visits her clients premises for meetings (ie the pubs and restaurants).  When my client goes for a meeting she often buys lunch for her client at their own premises.  It doesn't seem logical to treat this as entertainment, but that doesn't mean it's allowable!

Lots of 'clients' in that sentence, hope you can follow it.


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16th Jul 2012 08:46


She buys lunch for her client at their own premises?  You would have thought her clients would be kind enough to pay for her lunch, since it's their own premises.  But anyway, for whatever reason it happens, you cannot argue that it's anything other than hospitality and it's not an allowable deduction.  Why would it not be client entertaining?

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