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Another Windows update on its way!

Why so many MS updates at the moment?

Didn't find your answer?

I've just has an automated notification of a Windows update. After the last trying debacle I'm almost tempted to visit "settings" and remove these "intrusions".

Or, is that a very bad idea?

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Out of my mind
By runningmate
22nd Nov 2017 13:05

You can delay "feature" updates by up to 365 days (without delaying "security" updates).

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By Cantona1
22nd Nov 2017 22:12

MS had stopped releasing next Windows version. There will not be Windows 11, or 12. Windows will be provided through services.
If you have office 365, the only way to get an update version and new functions is through Windows updates. You can control how often and when to update by changing the settings.

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
22nd Nov 2017 23:49

This depends on your version of Windows and also whether you have home, professional or enterprise. You can also use third party services to help manage updates. Microsoft also have their own version of update manager which can be used to manage updates. Getting critical updates is more important than feature updates but if you are on Windows 10 you will not be able to put it off forever.

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By the_fishmonger
23rd Nov 2017 14:01

Many users hadn't updated to the Creators Edition (v 1703) and the Autumn edition (v 1709) is now out in the wild.
Both are big, proper updates and will need to be done in sequence by the Windows Update program or it has a cry.
In between those, there are some minor housekeeping security updates that must be done before installing 1709 (apparently).

You should be aware that MS has indicated that every year, around March and 'Fall', there will be major updates ongoing. This, as mentioned elsewhere, replaces the Windows 11, 12, etc. At some stage, you will just see Windows with no number at all.

If you want to know which Windows 10 you are running, look at All Settings-->System-->About.

The most recent for normal people is Verson 1709 OS Build 16299.64 (unless you are an alpha or beta tester, you are 'normal')

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By pauljohnston
30th Nov 2017 10:06

Surely the way to deal with it is to update at the end of the day on Win 7 . If you shut down then the computer installs the updates then

For 365 updates I am asked at the begining of the session if I wish to update. If I choose no it defers until next time.

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By mickeyparish
01st Dec 2017 16:45

Beware of updates! We installed updates in our server with the result that our laptops can no longer log on remotely. W. Gates has caused more blood, sweat, tears and profane language than any one else on this planet !!

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By Melody
01st Dec 2017 17:41

If you have the home version you don't get a lot of choice about update timing, although setting your connection as metered gives you the option to delay some updates for a very short time.

If you have the professional or enterprise versions you have much more control. Some people love having new features to play with as soon as possible, but many businesses prefer to be cautious and delay the large feature updates for a few months while Microsoft sorts out the major bugs. Then they get the smaller updates which include the bug fixes at the same time as the main update.

The delay also gives time to look at reviews of the latest feature update and prepare for any well-documented changes that might cause a problem. Don't forget to make extra sure you have a full backup before a major update.

It's true about 2 major updates in a short period. Microsoft delayed this year's Spring Creators' update on many computers (including my own fairly high spec laptop) for several months until it deemed the computers ready to receive it, then downloaded the Fall Creators' update just a month or two later - annoying because the computer is usually out of action for a few hours while it goes through the interminable slow restarts.

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