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Anti Money-Laundering


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Does anyone know what is happening with the AML subscriptions?   I received a notice to renew on 1st November, I paid on 28th November, but all it says on the website is that as soon as they receive my payment, they will review my application.   Previously, this used to be done around 8th December.   I was going to contact them, but there is no email, phone number or address on the site.

I feel this is one of the biggest rip-offs they have come up with in recent years.   I am a home-based bookkeeper with just 6 clients, yet I pay the same as a large accountancy practice with hundres of clients, as it is charged on a "per premises" basis, but then not to even receive an acknowledgement is an absolute misadministration of their powers!

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By mbee1
28th Jan 2022 12:37

I renewed ours at the end of September. Had confirmation it had been renewed two weeks ago.

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By Hugo Fair
28th Jan 2022 13:54

Is this registration with HMRC (as opposed to your PB)?

If so, there have been a lot of posts on this topic recently - some with useful contact suggestions - e.g:

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By SWLondonTax
28th Jan 2022 14:01

Renewed end of October, got confirmation yesterday.

You should get yours within the next 4 weeks.

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