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Anti Money Laundering checks

Anti Money Laundering checks

Just wondered what was best solution to carry out AML checks.

I notice TaxCalc sell a product that do it does anyone use this or do
You,use programmes set up by your relevant governing body.




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By Maslins
04th Dec 2012 09:36

We use Taxcalc's offering. Haven't used much else to compare it to, but it works fine for us.

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04th Dec 2012 10:28

AML Search

Again, I haven't tried anything else but seems OK to me.

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By happy
04th Dec 2012 13:14

What does that give you which you cant get from obtaining a copy of the potential clients driving licence or passport and recent utility bill - isnt that sufficient now?

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04th Dec 2012 14:09

Nothing ...

just lazy!

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04th Dec 2012 14:54

TaxCalc's Search & Verify Service

I use TaxCalc's Search & Verify Service which is excellent.

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