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Antiglare/Matte Screen Laptop



I would be grateful for Antiglare/Matte Screen laptop (PC) recommendations. Something for the day to day office tasks. No gaming. 

I do not want to spend more than £400  




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By mrme89
19th Oct 2017 16:39

Go all out, FT. You know a Mac Book has your name on it.

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to mrme89
20th Oct 2017 00:09

Agreed you should definitely splash out, you will really appreciate it, and it can easily be justified.
But why not go one better than a MacBook, get a Dell XPS 15 instead. No need to worry about matte or anti-glare, the display is amazing, 4K, Uktra HD, super bright touchscreen. SSD, tons of memory, lightweight, good looking etc etc

(just thought i’d throw that out there).

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19th Oct 2017 16:52

Refurbished Thinkpad, something like an X240. If you can find one with a 1920x1080 screen (most have 1366x768) and with an SSD instead of a slow HDD then even better.

If a 12" laptop is too small then there's a similar T440 or T450.

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19th Oct 2017 17:11

Macbook gets my vote I love mine. its the only laptop I have ever had that has lived beyond 2 years, and is still as fast the day it came out of the box. Still 10 hours+ working on battery also.

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20th Oct 2017 11:31

Apple is crap and wouldn't recommend them to anyone serious in business. They are even more useless for your place Firsty as the screens are high gloss and reflect like a mirror!

Something like this might be worth a try on the existing monitor -

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21st Oct 2017 22:49

Thanks for the helpful response.

The laptop is for work which is around windows and Google Drive. I like Apple products but its closed system may make it difficult to integrate.


This meets my needs and I have ordered the laptop:

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