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Any accountants on the Black Friday bandwagon?

Have accountants embraced Black Friday, or are they just about managing to delete all the spam?

Having just deleted about 30 BF emails I have set up a mailbox rule to delete anything with Black Friday in the subject, but I did wonder if Black Friday fever has gripped our esteemed profession, and if so, what special not to be missed offers are out there?


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to Tim Vane
24th Nov 2017 14:12

Tim Vane wrote:


Just goes to show how useless AW is these days, hadn't seen that. But it was posted BEFORE Black Friday tbf.
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24th Nov 2017 14:18

Too busy. Spent all morning taking our lass to Ringway so she can fly out to her mum's in Holywood for the weekend and now catching up on this morning's World Cup semi.

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By tom123
24th Nov 2017 15:26

One of our suppliers, of industrial castors, was trying to jazz things up with black friday offers.

That's got to be a hard job, surely?

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to tom123
24th Nov 2017 17:15

Free bottle of castor oil ?

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24th Nov 2017 15:39

Black Friday deal,

Buy four debits, get four credits free, no more paying twice for your accounting entries; special offer only today, use special Black Friday purchasing code 54AFTED.

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24th Nov 2017 16:23

Guess what I just got from CIMA, made my day!!!!

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24th Nov 2017 16:47

And still they keep coming!

"Black Friday sale ends today

Today is your final chance to secure a 60% discount to GDPR Summit London.

Our Black Friday sale allows you to save £400 by purchasing a ticket for just £295. Each ticket gives you access to 3 keynote theatres featuring expert speakers such as Ardi Kolah of the Journal of Data Protection & Privacy and Julia Porter, Board Director at the DMA.

Don't miss the opportunity to take vital steps to compliance - book your ticket now!!

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to PracticePartner
25th Nov 2017 01:58

I doubt they were ever £700 per ticket. And I doubt they ever will be.

Checking now, it seems the 'Black Friday' offer has been extended to Sunday. What's the betting it'll be extended again?

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By Locutus
24th Nov 2017 20:01

I'm feeling pretty sick of the Black Friday (more like week) of spam.

Whether or not you have previously unsubscribed from newsletters BF is just open season for spam.

I have certainly not been adding to this nonsense with 20% off offers on tax returns.

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By DMGbus
24th Nov 2017 17:53

An accountancy firm in Yorkshire has eMailed their Black Friday offerring:

Black Friday 2017

by adminya | Nov 23, 2017 | Accounting, Bookkeeping, Business, Business tax, Company formation, Payroll, Personal tax, VAT | 0 comments

These offers are valid on Friday 24th November 2017 only.

New clients only – choose ONE of the following: –

Receive 20% off your first year fee.
Receive a lifetime 5% discount from all your fees.
A free 12 month licence for Sage One or Xero


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to DMGbus
24th Nov 2017 19:14

Yorkshire folk giving money away ?

They'll be adding 5% on to the fees they quote, obviously.

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24th Nov 2017 17:55

Are HMRC offering 20% off your tax bill if you pay on Black Friday ?

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to lionofludesch
24th Nov 2017 18:20

They were but all their systems crashed.

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25th Nov 2017 14:23

Why? It's a scam anyway. It's American, and it's part of the independence celebrations.

Why she would assist the yanks celebrating their independence from us?

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to SteLacca
25th Nov 2017 14:37

It's not part of their independence celebrations. It goes back further than that.

More to do with stealing land from the indigenous population. Something the British - and, in particular, the English - are well noted for over the last few centuries.

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