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Any AWebers out there live in Shetland?

Move to Shetland

Getting away from the London rate race and moving lock stock and barrell to Lerwick. Would love to connect with anyone living there. Will be making the move mid-April (the removal logistics are a nightmare) then coming back until the end of May while I serve out my sentance (ops sorry, notice). If you live up there would be great to meet to get the lowdown on life up there.



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28th Mar 2018 18:43

Good luck. What a lovely thing to be able to do.

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28th Mar 2018 21:19

The only person I know up there is Irene at RSM, she was training with the Lerwick office in
circa 1985 (I was in Glasgow but the Scottish offices tended to stick together on training courses) but have not seen her since circa 1987, however maybe she will be your opposition if you are setting up in practice.

Also remember to say goodbye to trees (I believe there are actually far more trees these days than there were) and hello to the wind and the Northern Lights.

I suppose the Ann Cleeves crime thrillers, if not already read, are now on your must read list.

Anyway hope you enjoy.

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28th Mar 2018 21:43

Irene is now the senior partner at the Lerwick office of RSM. As far as I am aware I am the only regular AWeb contributor from Shetland.

One of the perks of living here is that you could get the opportunity to be an extra in the next series of the tv cop drama "Shetland". I spent a morning discussing MTD between takes with another local accountant. You can catch us for about half a second fleeing Thomas Malone when he went along the main street of Lerwick with a shotgun.

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to scalloway
28th Mar 2018 22:02

Well, if you see her tell her that Donald from the mid 1980s Glasgow office of Hodgson Impey passes on his best wishes.

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By tom123
to scalloway
29th Mar 2018 14:27

I will have to re-watch :)

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to tom123
29th Mar 2018 19:15

I have a couple of screen "credits" re the early Rebus features( John Hannah), I leased Clerkenwell Films the use of the Ship in Leith for filming re one of them and one of our flats featured as an interior shot in another one.

Apart from that I took courier delivery of the script for Black and Blue for my then downstairs neighbour (She played Angie the prostitute who gets killed in Leith) and of course my lease of the warehouse storage facility for props to the makers of North and South still sits high in my list of TV credits.

My only actual acting credit is a very fleeting shot of me taking the ball from the back of a scrum and promptly being flattened in a documentary in circa 1973-74 ,whilst still at school.

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28th Mar 2018 23:43

Small world!

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29th Mar 2018 00:53

Thats a big decision to make are you from that part of the world or are you going there as its as far detached from London as you can get.

My plan is to move up and retire in Northumberland, there is a empty shop on the high street In Wooler, that I have my eye on for my office, which I mention to my wife every time we pass it. She is slowly coming around to it.

Good Luck and keep us posted with how the move goes.

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to Glennzy
29th Mar 2018 09:18

It depends what you mean by remoteness from London. You can fly to Heathrow or London City with one change in 4 hours.

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29th Mar 2018 09:34

Thank you all for replying.

My husband is disabled, with both breathing and mobility issues, and he was soooo much better when we were up there that we brought our move for when I retired forward by 10 years!

I won't be setting up in competition with you scalloway as I have taken an administration assistant job with an engineering firm about a mile and a half from the new house. Its about as far as you can get from in-house accounts and tax manager for a firm of lawyers working in Oxford St. I laughed in the interview (by telephone) when they asked about my feelings on doing overtime. I suspect though that the job may end up expanding!

I will be doing some tax returns (for my current partners) and bringing a bookkeeping job with me so I will continue looking at AWeb on a regular basis. Fortunately I am set up as a tax agent with HMRC in my name personally so will just need to get my address changed. Oh joy.

Will be commuting from Cambridge to London for a month so will get the Ann Cleeves books for my Kindle.

I have downloaded a countdown app for my phone. Only 57 days to go!

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