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Any body used Smart Pension?

Can anyone recommend Smart Pension?

Has anybody used Smart Pension and would they recommend them for auto enrolement. I have had a call from them and been advised i can fill in a spreadsheet with all my clients and they would add them all to my portal using bulk up load and then contact the clients (sounds too good to be true?) The clients then have no obligation to stay with Smart Pension and can choose other providers. I was wondering if any one has used them and had any regrets.


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22nd Sep 2017 23:44

I've used them now for a couple of years and have no complaints. That said, only run a few payrolls so only have about 7 or 8 scheme's with them.

I use Moneysoft so there is no direct link but I just upload a csv file which is simple enough.

Support is excellent and VERY responsive.

Highly recommended.

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23rd Sep 2017 01:00

Yes, used them for around a year now and very pleased.

Like Smartie99 we use Moneysoft and the csv file works very well once you get used to it.

By way of comparison we have taken on two clients recently who set up with Nest. While Nest has a direct link for file transfer (with Moneysoft) it is nowhere near as user friendly.

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23rd Sep 2017 12:02

I have just started using them as one of my clients selected them. My others are all with NEST. My payroll software (Superpay) links nicely with NEST but there is not the same ease of use with Smart Pension. With the latter it's a case of export from payroll - logon to Smart and import. Smart appear to be integrated with a few products and hoping mine get added before too long.

The template spreadsheet requires a company identifier ( naturally ) but the simple task of identifying it took on a whole new ball game when they have about four different names for this and their help files referred to the field by yet another name - one that ultimately didn't exist!

A concern I have to address is that I noticed, by chance, that a new employee had registered and set their employee percentage to 2% rather than the current system default of 1%. So I can see some other checks and balances and procedural issues having to be implemented. I didn't particularly find their website helpful - i.e. have to explore all buttons to locate what you want - but alas that seems prevelent for many others these days. My Client did comment to me that using their website felt like swimming in treacle.

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