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Any comments on Logical Office?

I would welcome comments (both good and bad) on using Logical Office

I work on my own and am based in a home office.  I have around 90 clients, most of whom are private individuals or trusts.  I need a new time recording system and I have just had a demonstration of Logical Office. I should be grateful if there are any users out there who can comment on how it is to use in practice.  For example: Would you recommend it?  How is the support?  Have they increased their prices significantly over the past five years?  Any other suggestions for time recording/ billing systems?

There are a few threads about Logical Office from around 2000 to 2012 and they seem to suggest that then it needed more development.  The version I saw was very slick (and it is much more than just a time recording system) but I am not 100% certain that it is for me, not least because the person demonstrating it bordered on being rude to me when I asked questions.  Also I worry that it will be storing my client data in a different way from what I do now and if I stop using it, it will be very time consuming to get my data back into a usable state. 



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20th Mar 2018 13:32

Used it a few years ago. It is good for generating word letters from templates. It's ok. I would say that it's biggest drawback is that it is (afaik) desktop based and quite bulky. There are so many good cloud solutions available now. I used Accountancy Manager. New features are regularly added, as with most cloud applications.

Depends largely what you are looking for

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