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Any good facilities to trace clients?

Recommendation of any agencies who can trace clients

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Hi all

We have a number of clients who we have lost contact with. We either owe them money as we've received a refund on their behalf or they have outstanding fees to pay us. We have looked at a number of companies which offer a tracing client facility. We are mainly looking at getting the client's most up-to-date address/contact number.

I've found that creditsafe's trace facility is not good at all at finding the most up to date address. Have others experienced similar issues?

I'm looking into Transunion, Experian and Equifax. However, they have all quoted me saying that they have a minimum contract value of £1000+VAT. Have other practitioners received similar quotes like this?

We would prefer pay as you go rather than having to purchase a certain number of traces under contract. Are there any facilities that you could recommend that give accurate results (updated addresses/contact numbers)?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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By Matrix
12th Nov 2019 14:25


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Hallerud at Easter
12th Nov 2019 14:41

Checking through Companies House sometimes help track people, I tend to more do it for prospective tenants or people we are going to do business with, but sometimes you find different addresses used for different companies which might help- also check if say fixed securities over properties granted as cross checking to Scottish assessors can help up here Even chasing through the local authority planning portals sometimes brings things up.

With Scottish Assessors if you have a business address even if not still there the property owner may give you a forwarding address (although these days less likely- we would not these days pass that information to anyone coming to us re our properties due to GDPR concerns but some do)

Google can also help, and of course if really struggling phoning other mutual business contacts may help.

In effect if I have someone taking premises from me at say £10,000 a year rent and upward I probably will waste 30- 45 minutes digging about to see what I can find.

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By Roland195
12th Nov 2019 15:47

I read about things like this on here and seriously start to doubt either my own sanity, professionalism or both.

Are you so often in the position of owing clients money that this is a worthwhile use of your time? If so, I'd suggest looking at why this is the case in the first instance as doubtless your institute would like a wee chat about it.

I'd imagine you could whistle for your fees in these cases too.

Don't get me started on the AML checks from this crowd too.

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By Vaughan Blake1
12th Nov 2019 16:17

How odd, I think I can count the clients I have 'lost' in this way on the fingers of one hand (excluding thumb), and that's over a very long time!

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