Any idea's File hosting/access for admin assistant

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Been in practice just myself for the past 5 years but business has grown now to a stage where I need a part time admin assistant, I have a small home office and they will be mainly working from their own home, however I currently have all of my clients files/documents stored on my laptop - just wondering if anybody has found a reliable and straighforward way for an assistant to access these - I have used file hosting in previous employments but put off by the cost - but any recommendations/ideas would be gratefully received.

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By HiddenAccountant
20th Jun 2023 07:51

Dropbox or similar to share all documents.
Depends what the admin role will involve but if you use some sort of practice management software then you will need to check if they have a cloud option.

If you can let us know what software you use and what the assistant will need access to, am sure you will get more specific advice from other members.

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By SteveHa
20th Jun 2023 09:39

You can do all this yourself for negligible cost using a low cost RaspberryPi, a hard drive (preferably SSD rather than a spinner for power consumption reasons) and an ethernet connection to your router.

Install OwnCloud on the Pi (there are pre-built images available), provide your assistant with their own login, and then store your files there. Then you simply make it available outside of your own network, and voila. Total cost. Pi4, 8GB, £75 (go to official sellers, 3rd parties are selling at hugely inflated prices) and the cost of a drive dependant upon size. You can get a 1TB Samsung drive (internal only) off Amazon for £59, and a SATA to USB adapter will cost around £7.

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By WinterDragon
22nd Jun 2023 10:19

As much as I also enjoy tinkering with my home network and building my own computers and servers in my down time. OneDrive just removes any headaches and we're already paying for it with Office 365.

Also, in the unlikely event that OneDrive does just go down then I can enjoy an afternoon in the sun and wait for it to resolve itself rather than have the pressure that I need to fix everything myself if it was self-hosted.

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
23rd Jun 2023 12:02

You can set to always have the files available so if there is an issue you will always have access.

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
20th Jun 2023 12:09

If you are using Microsoft Office then adopting OneDrive would allow you to both access the same files.

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By Golvannon
22nd Jun 2023 10:33

As would Sharepoint...

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
23rd Jun 2023 10:53

Yes you are correct.

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By Alison Cotton
22nd Jun 2023 12:33

Another option similar to One-drive, which I find easier for sharing files, is a Google business subscription - email, drive, Google meet for virtual meetings - it also enables you to share files with clients.

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By PChapman
22nd Jun 2023 15:19

If you're using office365 then put it all on OneDrive
Then you can share files or folders as you need

You can set up your own file server as others have suggested but unless you have the necessary skills and time to hand, it quickly costs far more than Office or Dropbox etc.

I hope you've got everything on your laptop backed up because when it fails...

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Pile of Stones
By Beach Accountancy
22nd Jun 2023 18:05

A small Synology NAS is not that expensive.

And you are not handing over your data to Big Tech, who may one day decide to charge you a large fee to access your own data.

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