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Any ideas how to get authorised to manage a trust

Online service doesn't appear to work

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I'll be getting in touch with HMRC to try and resolve but I was wondering if anyone else has experience with this and might know what's wrong.

A client has multiple trusts, currently outside the charge to tax, which we registered with HMRC's trust service under the ASA.t through fine and the client has received the URNs for the trusts.

We now wish to be authorised to manage the trusts via the ASA. With the URNs we've requested authorisation for the trusts. This has to be granted by the client via a gateway account. They have set up a gateway account and are able to manage the trust's details themselves through it. They are not able to approve the authorisation request though, when visiting the generated link they get to a page telling them that the authorisation request cannot be found.

I can go in to the ASA and resend/regenerate the authorisation request, but it gives the same link with the same result. Anyone else out there gotten authorised for managing a trust online? Any tips?

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By Duggimon
31st Mar 2022 11:30

Got in touch with the online services helpdesk, who are unable to help with this online service and in fact just exited the chat while I was in the middle of typing a follow up question!

They advised to use the "something wrong with this page" link on the website, to which I have never before had a response, so we'll see how that goes.

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By leeanthonyblackshaw
31st Mar 2022 13:24

A possible answer, from my experience, is that the government gateway/trust register is overly sensitive to having more than one HMRC tab open, which the trustee might otherwise naturally do with multiple trusts. Instead the frustrating solution is to close the browser, reopen and deal with one trust one at a time.

If you do get an answer from the "something wrong with this page" link, it probably will be along the lines of:

"Could you please clear cookies and caches and try again.

If you continue to experience the same problem, to enable us to investigate further, please could you provide a more detailed description of what you were trying to do and the problems you are experiencing. Please can you send :
• screenshots of each page of your journey, from the login page, up to and including the page where you cannot go any further (start to end).
These screenshots should include any error messages you are receiving and should include the URL's."

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Replying to leeanthonyblackshaw:
By Duggimon
01st Apr 2022 10:02

Well predicted, that was exactly the response I got yesterday afternoon!

It's plastered all over the instructional pages that agents must not in any circumstance log in as the client, but there's really little else we can do if the authorisation process doesn't work and there's nobody at HMRC inclined to help!

I shall of course persevere through the correct channels but I have little hope they'll do anything at all to fix things.

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By Duggimon
05th Apr 2022 09:53

Just an update for anyone who may find this thread in the future, there was an issue on the HMRC side stopping the authorisation requests from working which they have now resolved. I never found out what the cause or solution was, but my problem is fixed at least!

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