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Any issues with HSBC bank feeds changing later?

The total of cheques bank at HSBC on any one day changes restrospectively, making bank feeds imposs

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We bank with HSBC and have noticed that the total shown on their bank statement for total cheques banked will change when you come back to look at it the following day or several days later, presumably because they are only inncluded in the total when they actually clear. It seems odd to update a bank statement entry a day or more after it is recorded rather than show newly cleared cheques when they actually clear. However this seems to be a real issue when your accounting software relies on a bank feed (Twinfield in our case), as the bank statement is already imported before it changes at a later date. Has anyone else experienced this and know if there is any way to resolve it?

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By Catherine Newman
28th Jan 2022 17:26

Can you turn the bank feed off? I have already referred to the problems in Quickbooks this week.

The bank feed I saw was from Barclays. As Kevin Ringer and I have said, a bank feed can be catastrophic. It assumes everything is the same every time a supplier crops up.

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By williams lester accountants
28th Jan 2022 17:45

You could always get a new bank?

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By SXGuy
28th Jan 2022 19:06

It depends on which software you use. I know the one I use excludes pending transactions and shows only cleared ones.

This resolves the issue with hsbc

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