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Any known workarounds without changing software?

Any known workarounds without changing software?

We use Iris PAYEmaster to administer approx 45 payrolls and we have only just had our first instances of staging dates passing but as Iris makes reference to the tax months as it's pay periods and we process on a calendar basis, the auto enrollment assessments and taking of first pension contributions seem to be taken one month earlier than expected - if we have a staging date of say 1 February, this falls within the software as 6 January - 5 February so our payrolls dated 31 January are having the workforce assessed as part of the January payroll runs, not February as we would want.

Iris' solution was to upgrade our software to the bureau edition whereby we can specify the relevant pay period as being calendar months, not tax months....but we'd like to know if this is the only option open to us?

Thanks in advance


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19th Feb 2016 11:36

Well the other option

would be to run your payrolls to the tax months to match what the software does. Mountains and Muhammed and all that.

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By acty
19th Feb 2016 13:21

Do a postponement to the 6 February

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