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Any licence for importing electric cable from outside EU?

Any licence for importing electric cable from...

I have a limited company client who wants to import electric cable from China for sale in UK.  The business is VAT registered.

Does anyone know if there is any legal requirement to obtain a licence in UK before the company can import? 

Also is there any licence  needed to sale the electric cable in UK?

Thank you for any helper in advance.


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By DMGbus
24th Apr 2012 18:53

Recommended guidance (EORI number, etc)

or go to page:

look under 17 April

and click on the link "Guide to importing..." which gets you to the above very long link and a .pdf to download and read the guidance - you're likely to need to register with HMRC and obtain an EORI number.




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By Hansa
24th Apr 2012 19:07

Electrical cable may need to be certificated

DMGbus has set out the general principles but as this is an electrical "component", there will probably also be certification (for safety) issues to consider.  I think the cable will need a BSI or EU equivalent certification before it can be sold (or used) in the UK.  

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